Majica Blanca Whitening Cream 30ml Pack of 3

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Truly the “White Magic” of all creams

This lightening cream has been formulated to bring about the fairness and balance of skin colour that you desire.

The right amount and proportion of our special ingredients will achieve a noticeable effect within a matter of days. We have added Vitaderm – an extra moisturiser for dry skin.

VITADERM® Well-being for your skin. Has antioxidative effect and leave a protective film that can be felt on the skin. thus promoting skin elasticity, making it soft, smooth and more moisturised.

If you have been seeking a lighter complexion and skin tone, our specially prepared cream is the answer.

With a lower than 7 pH factor, it is gentle, effective and organic. Look after yourself and lighten up.

Use in conjunction with Gluthathione Whitening Soap.

Avoid unnecessary exposure to the harsh UV rays of the sun.

Apply the cream liberally to your skin before sleeping.

In case of contact with eyes, wash thoroughly with warm water.


Aqua, Papaine, Orange & Pineapple Extracts, Belides, Alpha Arbutin, Cetyl Alcohol, Stearyl Alcohol, Glycerine Mono Stearate, Stearic Acid, Grapefruit Extract, Vitaderm. 90% Organic

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