Make Up Remover 150ml Pack of 3



Gently lifts dirt and make-up from you face and eyes without damaging your sensitive skin.

It does not contain alcohol which causes dryness after constant use.

Also suitable for use on waterproof make-up.

In case of contact with eyes, wash thoroughly with warm water.


**You might detect a slight alcohol smell which could be from the fermentation of the fruit active materials included in the product. The active ingredients, especially the horse chestnut and the grapefruit extract have a slight “alcohol like” smell**

We do not use ethyl, isopropyl or denatured alcohol.


Aqua, Seaweed Extract, Carrot Extract, Tomato Extract, Glycerine, Pineapple Extract, , Vitamin B Complex, Horse Chestnut Extracts, Grapefruit Extract, Sodium Chloride, Castor Oil. 90% organic

Additional information

Weight 600 g


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