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Before I used Zen Personal Care’s Papaya Whitening Soap, my skin was uneven and I had dark spots on my face. But since using Zen’s soap, my skin is smooth and the dark spots on my face are fading. I am so happy I tried this product.


Ehlohonolo Mongole

I am a long term and regular customer of Zen Personal Care.I have purchased a range of different products & they all work exceptionally well, working as stated. The main products i purchase & use on a regular basis are the Collagen Soap, it gets rid of spots, clears skin, tightens pores, plumps skin, keeps fine lines and wrinkles at bay. The eye gel tightens the skin,smooths lines, keeps crows feet, laughter lines and wrinkles away. feminine hygiene soap non irritating, nice fragrance. Tea tree soap drys up spots and clears blackheads.All the products i have tried work and do exactly as stated that’s why I continue to be a customer of Zen personal care good quality organic products, that work.


Miss D Hughes

I have bought repeatedly from Zen Personal Care and every time the product and the service has been fantastic! I love the scent and textures of the soaps and creams (I particularly like the Vitamin E Cream and the Collagen Serum is amazing! I pop it on before going to sleep and in the morning my face looks so much younger! I can visibly see wrinkle reductions! I love it!) My orders arrive quickly and well packaged.


Rota Herja

This review is from: Zen Personal Care’s Papaya Whitening Soap with Gluthathione 100gms ZEN soap bar works as it described in the review. I have only purchased one bar but to lighten your skin you have to continue at least five bars of soap. Firstly use the soap as described in the pack. It is true that for first two / three days of using the soap , your skin will have a tingling sensation but this sensation will go away after regular use of soap.You will see the result with in 14 / 15 days. Please don’t go out in the sun at least for three / four hours for first time you use it. ZEN soap works but you have to give some time ( Two / Three bars ) to see the result. Good Luck.



I have been using Zen Products for over two years now and I am a total repeat customer – The quality of the goods and how they make my sensitive skin feel is why I keep coming back. I would recommend these products to everyone.


Jax Sesstein

I have made several repeat orders from Zen Personal Care, including their Hair Tonic, and several types of natural soaps and hand and foot creams. I have to say their products are excellent value for the money. The quality perfectly suits me, and would be worth more if sold in traditional beauty stores. The service is fast and attentive, and is one of the reasons I keep coming back aside from the products that I have now used regularly since I started buying from them two years ago. I highly recommend Zen Personal Care.


Sal Diaz

This review is from: Zen Personal Care’s Papaya Whitening Soap with Gluthathione 100gms This is the first bar that I am using, only just half way through, so far I have seen a bit of difference. Once the bar is finished I will review from then if I am going to buy more.



I have been a customer for more than a year now and I am very pleased not just with the quality of the products but also of the exceptional service the company provides. I have referred many of my friends and they were very thankful I recommended Zen to them.


Livi Hall

Whitening Products I have been using your products (Papaya Whitening Gluthathione soaps) for 1 month and now I am using the Whitening CellActive lotion + the Active White Papaya Soap. I am very happy and delighted.




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